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4 most common shower problems

1)> Low Flow/ No Flow or Low Water Pressure

Limescale is in most cases the problem, usually submersing the shower head in a de scaling solutions resolves this OR in some cases a more permanent solutions maybe required. Introducing a Home Booster Pump is the most likely permanent solution, these booster pumps are designed to increase water pressure where households suffer low water pressure.

2)> Infrequent burst of scalding Hot Water

Someone, elsewhere in the house, flushes the toilet and the cold water that was being used to temper the hot water of your shower rushes away to fulfil this flush, leaving you with scalding hot water. Ouch. One way of avoiding this painful problem is to install high efficiency toilets. By reducing the amount of cold water that the toilet needs to flush, the shower has enough cold water to temper the hot water even when someone else is using flushing the toilet. Baths

3)> Pressure Relief Device

It is relatively easy to identify when your pressure relief device has blown. Normally, apart from the fact that your shower won’t work, your shower will be leaking slightly. PRDs are inexpensive to replace, but first, you have to investigate what caused it to blow. Blockages and restrictions in the shower head and the shower hose are two hypotheses worth investigating.

4)> Noisy Shower

A noisy shower isn’t a terrible problem to have - five minutes of work should suffice. Each unit needs to be properly secured to the wall, and the pipes that provide the water need to be secured with brackets. Once you have checked that the blanking plugs have been inserted into spare inlet fittings inside the unit, the problem should be resolved.

Of course, because of the complex network of pipes and pumps that serve your shower, there isn’t always just one simple fix. But, with luck, this guide helps you understand and, more importantly, solve, some of the issues that may have been plaguing your shower.

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